There is no misUnderstanding...

Social strife's new single kicks ass

New Line Up, New Single, Same Strife Attitude

'MisUnderstood', the lastest offering from the Toronto based Social Strife, is the lyrical vitae male intellectis of lead singer Sean Farro. Farro, known in the hardrock/punk universe as 'The UNICRON' is both the founding and only remaining member from the debut Cd release "With Friends Like These..." .

Although featured as song number 12 on CDBaby, 'MisUnderstood' is a new release by the current line-up featuring Tommy Bolden on bass, Stefan Ford on drums/percussion as well as Mark Bedross and Julez Biafore in a joint lead/rhythm guitarist role. This unique dual role of shared guitar duties is only one of the ways that Social Strife has evolved musically, the line-up overhaul has brought a new depth and dimension to both the studio and onstage performance that puts vitality behind the ever kinetic UNICRON in a way that was previously absent. Although the past is not without it's own kickassery, there is no doubt that this line-up has answered all the 'if-only' and 'what-if' doubts that often anchored Social Strife in a single harbor. Coming to a port near you, the best of what a hardworking rock band has to offer. And how about that new single and it's video??

Initially inspired by an article in roGue musicZine written about Farro, the song 'MisUnderstood' evolved into a mini memoirical and is representational of who he is versus how he is perceived.

"People Are Strange

And the strange, estranged, disenfranchised, deranged and rearranged scream into the void. "Where are the beat poets, the gonzo journalists and the artistic revolutionary voices not afraid to be. ...DARE TO BE. ..different than the manufactured product of popular culture? Where is the Lizard King of the 21st century? From inside the darkness we hear a voice screaming. The wild wicked wail of "The Unicron", Lead singer of Social Strife. The graffiti profanity spraying out good sense, common sense and nonsense onto the walls most only half see every day.

Look closer. ..much closer. ..close enough to blur the chaos into their individual components. Honesty Integrity Loyalty Tenacity. When you back up slowly and refocus on the image...It looks so much different."

The lyrics connect us to the deepest parts of how Farro sees his journey to date and is echoed in the symbolism throughout the video. In a 21st century where what you see is rarely what you get, Farro says that he is nothing like what people want to infer or project, rather he is exactly as he presents himself. It is not a rock n roll posture for popularity, but a genuine personality with all the slings and arrows of outrageous behaviour and language.

As misunderstood as he may be, it isn't for lack of clarity. He is incredibly direct and his message clear. He will be himself, and no one will oblige him otherwise.

Each member of Social Strife is a unique piece of a complex puzzle. Individual strong personalities that can cohesively bond at maximum strength for the big picture. The love of creating music. The song is the star. Far from being rock and roll cliches, they are classic examples of what real work and musical proficiency can look like when you save the swagger for the spotlight and bring talent and teamwork to the studio. Dedicated and gifted in their own right, with every one devoted to the development of his craft before coming to the table to collaborate, it is easy to see why this line-up has the recipe for a successful future.